Children in need

Posted on 03rd December 2010 | in Amble Links First School , Community

The School Council at  Amble Links First School organised a pyjama-wearing day to help raise money for Children in Need. In addition, every child in school was given a small box of Smarties to take home and eat; they were then asked to fill the box with coins. A lunch time was spent opening the boxes and counting the money raised which came to over £260.

Paul Heeley, Headteacher, was very impressed with the amount of money that was raised: “The Smarties boxes just seemed to keep arriving. Over 100 boxes were returned and it was amazing to see just how many coins people had been able to squeeze into them! A huge thank you to everyone. We all looked very cosy in our pyjamas but we were all very sleepy by the end of the day!”

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