Wellwood opens at last

Posted on 17th December 2010 | in Business News , Community , Heritage & Tourism , News

You can hardly have failed to see the improvements to the exterior of the Wellwood pub at the top of the High St. but inside promises to be a whole new experience in Amble for anyone fancying a drink or pub meal.

Owner Mark Jones (pictured) told The Ambler “We’re trying to do something innovative for Amble. We’re aiming for a mature crowd and people who would generally travel to go out. For the food, it will be different meals to those at Zecca. though we have the same ethos – making it from scratch. We’ll be offering things like home cooked, locally sourced steak and kidney pudding, game casserole, Amble fish and chips.”

The refurbishment cost around £200,00, but Mark believes the new venture will be worth it.

“There’s a gap in the market – there are plenty of places for the guys to go, but nowhere really for the girls, or groups of girls. We’re targeting those who’d go to Warkworth, Alnwick or Newcastle. We’ll be selling real ales and cocktails will be made by a trained mixologist who used to work at the Malmaison.”

The venue opened on Friday 17th December for drinks, with food expected to be on offer the following week. You can read sample menus and find out more information at www.thewellwood.co.uk

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7 thoughts on "Wellwood opens at last"

  1. Hugh Janus says:

    Is it true that Zeccas will no longer serve food and will be opened as a wine bar? A waste of the Amble Development Trust funds if you ask me. What benefit will this be to the people of Amble? Would it not have been more practical to spend the Development Trust money on something everyone in Amble can use.
    The cocktail mixologist from the Malmaison??? You’re having a laugh mate. Your bar staff didn’t seem too confident to me.

    1. theambler says:

      Can’t speak for Zecca and the Wellwood, but I can assure you the Development Trust has no financial connection with either of those businesses. The property which used to be the Bread Bin was owned by the Trust until it was sold a couple of years ago.

    2. Zecca says:

      I am unsure as the the seriousness of this comment due to posters name but i will respond anyway.

      Firstly Zecca is to continue to trade as it has alway done any suggestion otherwise is just crazy haha, we are a very successfull restaurant it would make no sense to change this, as we are well aware from the support the people of amble have shown us! We have worked very hard to set up and develop Zecca i can 100% gaurentee we’re here to stay as a restaurant! 🙂

      Second point – Amble Development Trust as noted by theambler has no financial connection or funded anything to do with Zecca, we bought the building from them it was as simple as that.

      Any other stories you hear please feel free to email them to us at Zecca, the best one wins a pizza lol.

      Happy New Year to all the Ambler readers and keep up the good work Anna.

      1. judith hardisty says:

        wellwood well would you believe it I just checked the menu and honestly my husband would not eat that crap it may look nice but he likes traditional food not your crab this and your poached that where’s your steak and kidney pudding then!! prices are high people in amble including myself could not afford that kind of price for food. we like to eat out once a month but we won’t be in for that kinda food.

        1. Little ray of sunshine says:

          That kind of food! It’s not as if the Wellwood is offering strange ‘fusion’ concoctions. If you dont like the offer then dont go, simples!
          Cannot understand people who knock someone who tries to bring something different to the town, can you not offer some positive comments – or did you prefer the empty abandoned Wellwood?

          1. Davison says:

            Thank you for bringing both Zecca and the new look Wellwood to Amble – it has long needed it.

            We have visited both restaurants several times now and like both very much … and last time at the Wellwood I had STEAK AND KIDNEY PUDDING!!

  2. Margaret says:

    I have visited both Zecca and The Wellwood and can say that I have enjoyed the food and atmosphere immensley.
    I too do not think the menu at the Wellwood is in any way strange or “not in keeping” with Amble and the prices were comparable to many local pubs.
    The traditional fish and chips has evolved into trio of fish, giving a new twist to the original which can still be bought at any of the excellent fish and chip shops in Amble.
    The Sunday Lunch is traditional but updated at the same time with delicious vegetables and good presentation.
    Both these dishes were well presented on spacious china and the wait staff were excellent.
    On the two occasions when I dined at the Wellwood, there were many customers and I got the impression that they were happy with their meals.
    Time will tell if it’s a success or not.
    I wish both establishments well.

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