Out of the Trees music festival

Posted on 29th December 2010 | in What's On

Now in it’s sixth year, the fabulously quirky Out Of The Trees music festival in Warkworth is growing from strength to strength.

Organiser Susie Jenkins explained what the festival is all about: “It’s a really unique little event that’s based on the idea of bringing people together to experience music, beer, visuals, winter pubs… and the strange phenonemon that is a Northumbrian village over Christmas!”  Any profits are donated to charity.

Held in various venues in Warkworth, usually ‘on New Year’s Eve Eve’ (30th Dec), the festival grows ever more popular, with people returning year after year. Susie and the team even put on a 1960s vintage double decker bus to bring musicians, friends and followers up from Newcastle.

“The day starts in The Hermitage Inn at 2.30pm with folk/alternative and accoustic music.  The afternoon stages are free and everyone from the tiniest babbies to the auldest Northumbrian gadgies usually turn up, it makes for an eclectic audience, and it’s as much a spectacle as the acts on stage half the time!” says Susie.

“We start the evening session in The Memorial Hall at 7.30pm.  This will be £8, or free if you’ve bought a bus ticket (£12) and has all the fuller bands that require drum kits and PAs and the like.  Having spent the whole day taking in all this fantastic music it’s incredible how much good feeling there is in the air by the evening, and it knocks down so many barriers – I think it’s how we get away with putting such an eclectic mix of musicians on, and why it appeals to all age ranges and all types!”

The event starts at The Hermitage Inn at 2.30pm with folk/alternative and accoustic music. The evening session begins in The Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. Tickets for the evening session are £8. More information including the line up can be found on their Facebook group or at www.myspace.com/outofthetrees

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