Supermarket plans: tweeting at the meeting

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Around sixty people attended Amble Town Council’s planning meeting on Feb 1st, to hear or participate in discussions about the new supermarket design plans. Here are my tweets as the meeting took place (apologies for spellings and typos!).

Several people joined in online, and were able to add their voices to the debate, but I have not included their comments below. I have sent in some of the comments they made to the Town Council, although the question “Anyone else out there with any suggestions on what £60,000 could be spent on in #Amble?” drew a few amusing answers which I didn’t send in.

For those of you not on Twitter, the @ symbol refers to a person and the #symbol is an easily searchable subject -(eg you could put the word Amble into twitter’s search box and any recent tweets with #Amble in them would appear) 

All tweets below are from me @AnnaAtTheAmbler on Feb 1st.

At the Amble Town Council planning meeting where there are a lot of ppl. Tesco plans are on the agenda

 There’s about 60 people here. Council explaining there will be no decisions made it’s theCounty council who make planning decisions #Amble

 Only supermarket plans discussed tonight; housing not part of this planning app 

 Ppl asking questions already : could supermarket be built without housing?

 Now a call for an independent chair for the meeting 

 Still discussions over what the meeting is about 

 Exasperation expressed that meeting is going in circles 

 Roger Armsden calls 4 speakers to discuss their views against the plans 

 Speakers upset about Braid usage. Wd rather see supermarket on Ind Est 

 Speaker saying town not actively involved in supermarket planning process 

 Speaker from North View concerned over potential noise & light. Upset with town councillors but invites them to tea! 

 Speaker calls for public inquiry & proposes resolution: to put plans on hold  info [could be] given via leaflet drop Nland Gazette & council mag

 Last speaker defending his pov -any resident of Rivergreen wd oppose plans Says no councillors live nr area so they’re not affected 

 Speaker making point that access to site means ppl wd have to drive out of town to get to supermarket. 

 speaker thinks supermarket will go ahead without housing. He has set up a competition to win a meal at Zecca 

 Speaker in favour of the plans: says tesco has provided interesting building not square box. Defending planning procedures 

 Speaker says shd vote for plans or the height of the bldng may increase. Plans now are for 6m high ( reduced from 9m) 

 Town clerk reading comments from drop-in viewing. 117 residents viewed. Most comments in favour. Many comments on landscaping 

 Speaker saying N Estates & Tesco shd be here. Says Tesco shd be here working with community & discussing design 

 Speakers against plans reiterating many of their original points. 

 Question about the land the proposed road would be built on. Who owned/sold land & was the sale advertised? 

 Council wants to move on. Many voices protesting. Call that detailed plans still not discussed 

 Call from council for suggestions on ways to spend any money Tesco may spend on town 

 Speaker asks to ensure carpark is there for town not supermarket & display notice of amenities available in rest of town 

 Speaker suggesting section 106 money (£60k) could be spent on paddlers and at welfare  Also making up Turner St to standard

 Speaker suggesting cleaning up area near North St

 Anyone else out there with any suggestions on what £60,000 could be spent on in #Amble ?

 I shd say the money would have to be spent on a capital project (eg building something) 

Meeting has finished 

For those interested in the competition to win a meal, mentioned at the supermarket planning meeting last night:

Fyi the competition & the website are run by one of the protestors against the plans.

Anna Williams

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