Feb 2011: Fortunes and misfortunes

Posted on 04th February 2011 | in Community

In recent weeks the fortunes, or misfortunes, of the food factory have dominated the local headlines. Will they, won’t they manage to re-open? As Amble’s largest employer, it has a big influence on the town and its people. As we went to press there appeared to be a possibility that Longbenton Foods would after all manage to complete their acquisition of the business, which would be good news for everyone. Let’s hope. We will keep you updated.

Elsewhere more positive news. A new hand takes over the wheel at the Harbour Master’s office, although well known locally in his former role. He now has some interesting ideas for the harbour, as our front page story reveals. We wish good luck for the future to both Pauls.

After some years’ speculation, Amble’s new supermarket now has a physical identity, albeit only a planning proposal at the moment. Plans were on display at Trinity Methodist church and the Development Trust and received a largely positive response from those who took a look. You can also leave your comments about the plans on our website, under the article “Public display of supermarket plans”.

And even the proposed handover of functions from the County to Parish Councils has been put on hold until there has been a chance for proper negotiation, which has to be sensible.

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