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Posted on 14th February 2011 | in Community

The problem of fat children in the North East

More than 5,000 children in the north-east of England are clinically obese (it means they are too fat!).

A doctor in Newcastle thinks the problem is so serious, he wants to offer an operation to these fat children as a last resort .He said “people think it’s about looking good or looking thinner – that’s not what we want to offer. We’re trying to stop people dying in their 30s.” 

One 16 year old from North Tyneside used to weigh 23 stones, but managed to lose 5 stones after an operation called gastric bypass surgery, which involves restricting the size of the stomach to reduce food intake.

The 16 year old said she was told she might have a heart attack unless she lost weight. “The doctors told me if I didn’t get the weight off I was going to be dead by the time I was 20”.

In 2007 two 14 year old boys also had the operation at Sheffield children’s hospital. But the NHS North of Tyne says there is not enough money for children to have the operation on Tyneside.
They think money would be better spent on preventing obesity.
A spokeswoman said “we need to invest in preventing young
people from becoming morbidly obese in the first place”.

By William H-D
Source: BBC News

Do you worry about your weight? 

We surveyed a group of young people from Amble

Age  Answer

10    No
15     No
13    Yes/No
17    No
17    No
17    No
15    No
14    Yes/No
16    Yes muchly
16    Ner!

Amble GPX Update

You may remember Amble GPX from a previous article written in The Ambler in July. In that article we talked about the youth based project that allows you to learn about the history and culture of Amble in an engaging online game.
Being a community project, we decided to update you on our progress. In the last few months, great advances have been made with the game, in the form of design and colour being added to the website and the overall structure has begun to take form. We have also constructed a marketing plan so we now have a better vision for the future of the game’s promotion.
We have also created a presentation that we delivered at the local high school in front of the entire school.
You may recently have encountered some of the team wandering around with cameras; this was done in order to create a promotional video which we will upload to the website and to video sites such as Youtube.
Next we intend to promote the project at the Alnwick tourism fair in order to draw greater attention to GPX. It promises to be a good day out for the team, talking to other businesses so that we can make contacts that will help further the project.
Soon the game will be completed and available to play by the public. When this happens, we will be organising a launch event. This will be well publicised closer to the time and we would love to see a good turnout from the community after all the work we have put into our game.

Laura Park and Matthew Stanton
If you are 11 – 19 and would like to help the Amble GPX team with playtesting or content creation, please contact Anna at
Amble Development Trust (

School name change

As you may well know three of our local schools have recently changed their name after forming a federation.

 These three schools are (as formally known); Coquet High School, Amble Middle School and Druridge Bay Middle School, they are known as James Calvert Spence College and can be distinguished by the road they inhabit (i.e. Acklington Road, South Avenue and Hadston Road).

 When we first found out about this change we all had mixed feelings. Some people thought that the name change would be positive as the three schools are going to be very similar and may do activities together (i.e. Football matches, Netball matches etc.).

 However others thought the name change was “stupid”. A person we spoke to said, “Why is it called a college? I’m ten, I’m not going to a college, I’m at a middle school”

  The executive head, Mrs. Graham says that there will be no noticeable changes and they will not change the signs at the minute as the school’s cannot afford it, also there is no more information on uniform changes but we’ll inform you of them when we find out.
But how do we feel now as the school has now officially changed name?

 Well, we think its okay as the school doesn’t feel any different at all, the teachers are the same, the lessons are the same, and the punishments are same and so on.

 The only change we can see at the minute is the website, online classroom and letters that get sent home (for information, good and bad).



We all hate going to the dentist and especially getting a filling which means the dreaded dentist’s drill.

But now scientists have come up with a device that filters out the high pitched sound of the drill. It works by plugging it into your MP3 player and you listen to music while filtering the high pitched sound out, still allowing you to hear what the dentist is saying.

The device is still being researched and developed in London but should be available to you soon.

Source: Newsround


Chinese New Year – Feb 3rd
Valentines Day – Feb 14th
World Book Day  – Mar 3rd
St David’s Day – Mar 1st
Pancake Day – Mar 8th
St Patrick’s Day – Mar 17th
Spring Equinox – Mar 21st
Clocks go forward – Mar 26th
Mothers Day – Apr 3rd 


As most of us know, around March the new 3d Ds is coming out. It is so exciting. We can play 3d without any glasses.

But what is most shocking of all is that they are telling us to not play on the Ds for over an hour.

How stupid is that? If you’re a kid and you get a new gadget all you want to do is play, play, play. You’re not going to stop playing just because it hurts your eyes.

I want the Ds out as much as anyone else but I think they should halt the release until this problem is fixed.

By Alysha Wilson

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