Don’t let dogs roam at Druridge Bay

Posted on 15th February 2011 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is urging members of the public to keep their dogs under control, preferably on a lead, when they are out and about on Druridge Bay.

Whilst dog owners may think that their roaming dogs may not be doing any harm, if allowed to run around unsupervised, they will disturb and distress wildlife such as badgers, foxes and mice not to mention the sheep and cattle grazing on the Bay.

Recently, there have been incidences of dogs biting sheep and setting themselves against the cattle in the fields. This is incredibly dangerous for both the stock and the dog in question. If the cattle are startled and chose to stampede, they could kill or seriously injure the dog(s) and their owner(s).  Also, if the cattle were protecting their calves, they could react quite suddenly.
Northumberland Wildlife Trust does not accept any responsibility for any dogs injured whilst at Druridge Bay. 

The wildlife charity manages five reserves along Druridge Bay: Cresswell Shore, Cresswell Pond, Druridge Pools, East Chevington and Hauxley.

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