One Moment

Posted on 16th February 2011 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

The sharp cold bite of winter
The frost lies crisp and white
A north wind blows across the land
No creature stirs the night
Leafless trees – boughs stark and bare
Silhouettes in the snow
Create dark shapes within my mind
Strange creatures come and go

As snowflakes fall a quiet still
Descends upon the land
The fields and woods lie virgin white
Untrod by beast or man
The sound of silence fills the air
No word, no noise, no sound
An inner calm and peacefulness
From deep inside is found
As daybreak dawns a robin’s song
Rings out to greet the sun
From barns and hedgerow wildlife stirs
A new day has begun
No artists pen or paintbrush
Can make you understand
No words express the magic of
This winter wonderland

Each season has a moment
That stills the heart of men
A sound or sight that makes man stand
In nature’s awe again
A cold and frosty winter’s night
Bright stars gleam high above
The beauty in a winter’s sky
One moment that I love

By Matt Donoghue

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