Book giveaway at Amble library

Posted on 02nd March 2011 | in Community , What's On

What could be better than a book? How about a FREE book? And a cupcake? If this all sounds too good to be true, get along to Amble library this Saturday ( 5th March) between 10.30am and midday and find out for yourself!

World Book Night is taking place on March 5th throughout the UK and Ireland. One million books in total will be handed out by 20,000 volunteers who each have 48 copies of a favourite book (chosen from a list of 25 selected titles) to distribute. Remaining books will be distributed by World Book Night organisers themselves to places such as prisons and hospitals.

Stephanie Butland (pictured) from Amble will be giving away free copies of her favourite book “Fingersmith” by Sarah Waters as part of this event.

Ignoring the old adage “Never judge a book by its cover” Stephanie explains in her blog why she fell for this book immediately.

“It’s just such a good cover. So striking; so simple; and yet, so much in it. Empty gloves that look as though they are choosing to hold each other. That wrought ‘F’ of Fingersmith. The fact that I didn’t know what a fingersmith was. All of these things, and the heft of the book in my hand – I like a big book – meant that I bought this without too much thought. And spent the next four days reading it. And the four days after that reading it again. It must be 7 years since I first read this book, but it’s probably still the one I recommend most often.

“And it’s written beautifully, and it’s the sort of novel that you know is researched brilliantly as well – it feels completely authentic… And what a story. I’m not going to even try to explain it. I’m just going to say that I’ve never cared so much about a character as I did about Susan Trinder, and I never had such a series of shocks from a book, as the plot wends around.”

And so why the cake? “Well everything’s better with cake!” she says

Stephanie is due to publish her own book later in the year.

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