Teen spirit wins through

Posted on 21st March 2011 | in Community , What's On

Update: A live music event orgainised by an Amble teenager has raised over £170 for charity and in the process, proved the doubters wrong.

Shaun Bell spent months organising the A-Live event which included bands and musicians from Amble, Alnwick, Sunderland and North Shields who all performed at A-Live, at Newcastle College on 24th March.

“I couldn’t believe how well the night went” said Shaun. “I’m still getting good feedback. People have been stopping me in the street in Amble asking me how it went.”

Shaun is studying for a Diploma in Creative Arts and Media at Newcastle College and decided to orgainise A-Live as part of his coursework which encourages the students to interact with the community. “It’s been really good practice to learn how to put an event together and interact with different people.”

But it hasn’t been an easy ride he says.

“It’s taken about three months of non stop organising, plus I have to do my coursework on top” said Shaun. And not everyone was supportive, Shaun had to battle against many people’s  perception that he wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Originally I wanted to do it at the O2 Academy, but that fell through. Other people told me I had no experience and suggested I didn’t have the ability to organise an event like this. It is more the sort of thing someone on a degree course would do. My tutor didn’t agree though, and he was very supportive. And I kept going because I wanted to challenge myself. That’s what college and uni are all about, learning.”

All the money raised on the evening will go to Mencap and ENABLE Scotland. “I chose Mencap because I already knew about the great work they do supporting people with learning disabilities.

“I work part time for the Co-op in Amble. Their charity this year is Mencap,  and so in this way the Co-op are involved as well. The event is also going to help local bands get their name out there whilst supporting a brilliant cause.”  Shaun says the money he has collected will now be added to the Co-op’s fund.

“The highlight was how well all the bands performed – all of them were great. I really loved it, it was great and everyone else who went said they loved it.”

Shaun’s hard work has finally won through and despite all the effort and setbacks, he says he will organise something again next year. “I’ve got to do something much bigger next year for my course. I’m going to be even more stressed next year!”

You will be able to see A-Live for yourself soon on YouTube.

Line up:

Amble:  Last Seduction – Mark Bezerk – Adam Hume – Jonny May

Alnwick:  …  – WeDigress

Sunderland:  Suede Fox

North Shields:  The Sheldons – Lost Lions

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