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Posted on 07th April 2011 | in Community

The Northumberland Area Command performance figures for March 2011 show that all crime in Northumberland is down by 8.7%.  This means that compared to this time last year there are 1053 fewer victims of crime in the county.  Violent crime is down 8.7% – 231 fewer crimes, burglary is down 3.6% – 50 fewer crimes, and criminal damage is down 26.1% – 942 fewer crimes.  Vehicle crime is up by 17% – 156 more crimes.  The detection rate for the county is 42.3% meaning that almost half of all the crimes in Northumberland are successfully resolved.  You can see more detailed information at www.northumbria.police.uk/about_us/targets_and_performance/northumberland/

‘If in doubt, keep them out’ is a force wide campaign aimed at tackling doorstep crime, and at raising awareness of criminals who target the elderly or vulnerable members of our communities by lying or tricking their way into their homes, or by conning money out of them. The awareness campaign will run for a month. The main thing is to remember not to let anybody in until you know who they are.

Inconsiderate parking continues to be an issue in a town where parking space is at a premium.  It is being addressed with a mixed approach of supplying advice, warnings and enforcement as necessary.     

More than 30 people have been arrested for offences such as burglary and theft and items including scrap metal, electrical equipment, counterfeit DVDs and tools have been seized.

If you are concerned about crime, but think nobody listens, come and talk to Chief Supt Mark Dennet on Tues 12 April at 6.30pm at Trinity Methodist Church.

The Amble on-line Community Forum was held on Wednesday 23rd March. Look out for the next one.  Inspector Peart, Sgt Wharrier and PC Brown from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be available to receive any questions or issues raised, or pass them to the Amble team to deal with personally.

The team can be contacted on 03456 043043 or the following email address;  alnwick.npt@northumbria.police.pnn.uk.  Information about the Amble policing sector can be found on the Northumbria Police website: www.northumbria.police.uk/your_neighbourhood/northumberland/ alnwick/index.asp 

PC Andy Welsh, Amble Neighbourhood Policing Team

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