Poem: I talk too much

Posted on 11th April 2011 | in Community


I spend too much time talking, and not enough in thought.
Is it Nature? Or is it Nurture?   Or a virus that I caught
From former colleagues who were set on a career,
Calling out for meetings filled with verbal diarrhoea?

The family record shows that I spoke at ten months old,
The subject, uncontested, that my bottle had gone cold.
But as the years went by, it was very plain to see
That very many people were much cleverer than me.

The subject surfaced briefly at a meeting just last week,
I heard a lot of rubbish as I began to speak. 
So here’s my resolution for the future – check it out.
If I burble and talk twaddle, please give a mighty shout!

Harry McQuillen

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