Posted on 11th April 2011 | in Heritage & Tourism

Foray and Koala at Druridge

Two Exmoor ponies are now grazing at Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Druridge Pools reserve, provided by the Moorland Mousie Trust in Exmoor.

It is the first time that ponies have grazed on the wetland pasture and they will spend the spring on the site before being moved to the Trust’s East Chevington reserve this summer.

The ponies named Foray and Koala, will complement the Trust’s existing conservation grazing programme at the Pools.

They are very hardy creatures who are happy grazing in most environments especially Druridge Pools where they are quite happy eating the rushes and are not afraid of the water.  Their feet churn up the muddy ground making it soft and easy for migratory birds to feed in the soft mud.

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