Reading in strange places

Posted on 11th April 2011 | in Amble Links First School

To celebrate World Book Day at the beginning of March, children, parents and staff at Amble Links First School took part in a competition to see who could have their photograph taken reading in the most unusual place.  Entries came in thick and fast and included pupils reading on a boat, in a suitcase, up a tree, in a washing machine and in a cage! Amongst other places, adults were photographed reading on a bed in Marks and Spencers and whilst being lifted by a forklift.

The winning pupil entries were submitted by Kieran Hume from Year 3. His portfolio included reading whilst in a shopping trolley in Asda, in a telephone box, on a climbing frame and on the feet of the Angel of the North.  The winning adult  entry was from a father reading the school  newsletter on an oil rig in the Timor Sea in Indonesia! Overall winners and class winners each received book tokens as prizes.

“We couldn’t believe the number and range of entries that came in”, said headteacher Paul Heeley.  “The families in school have gone to great efforts to be creative with their photographs.  There was much laughter as we looked at the entries during assembly!  The broader aim of this event was to highlight the importance we put on encouraging children to read wherever, whatever and whenever!”

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