Amble Health Centre update

Posted on 12th April 2011 | in Community

From the end of March all patients over the age of 16 will be sent an SCR (Summary Card Record) information pack.
This records all necessary information about your health and medication.  In the event of you receiving emergency care or out-of-hours service, all medical staff treating you will have access to this information.  You will be invited to opt in, or out of this new scheme. (it would seem advantageous to opt in!)

More information can be had from NHS CRservice Tel.0300 1233020, or

The Coquet Medical Group sadly bid goodbye to George Wady – he retires 31stMarch2011. George has been a much valued member of the team since 1992. He joined as a District Nurse and became a Nurse Practioner in 1999. We wish him a long and happy retirement.

Dr. Fraser and Dr. Burville will take over care of his diabetic patients and the Practice hope to recruit additional medical staff to replace his surgery time.

Building improvements have taken place in the Centre and whilst some changes are obvious you may not be aware of upgrading of security and fire alarm systems, new radiators, electrics etc. Luckily contractors have worked night time and weekends which has avoided disruption to our daily work. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding of any inconvenience.

We have been priviledged to receive donations from grateful patients, families and friends, over the years which has allowed us to purchase valuable equipment for the benefit of our patients. In the past two years we have purchased: 2 ECG Machines for checking heart rhythms, a dummy for training staff, blood pressure monitors, headlight for minor surgery, spirometers (checking lung function);  consulting room equipment such as diagnostic sets for checking eyes, ears, nose and throats etc., and 2 waiting room in/out boards.

We thank you very much for making these purchases possible.

Broomhill and Amble health centres will be closed on the following days:
Good Friday        22nd April
Easter Monday    25th April
Royal Wedding   29th April
May day              2nd May
Bank Holiday      30th May
Out of Hours service when closed ; Tel. 0300 123 4343
In absolute emergency dial 999.
Allow up to two working days for repeat prescriptions.

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