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Councillors wanted Town Council news to reach more people all year round and decided the best way to do this is to be part of and to support our wonderful Community Newsletter. The Chairman has personally thanked all those businesses which helped us previously by stocking our newsletter for you to collect- we could not have done this without their help over the last 6 years. We hope you all enjoy this full page in every edition which will replace the Chairman’s Column and our quarterly newsletter.

WE WELCOME any town queries to your Councillor or the Clerk, however do remember all Council meetings are open to the public to attend. By far the largest turnout we have seen was at the February Planning meeting where the detailed plans for the Supermarket at the Gut was discussed. Normally public speaking is limited to avoid repetition and to prevent the meeting being so long that concentration wanes; however on this occasion it lasted well over an hour to enable various views to be heard.

As Committee Members although it is difficult for us, we must limit our views to the plan presented to us and not on any other aspects. We understand the frustrations this can cause but, in this case, as no-one had  submitted a plan to develop on the industrial estate we could not discuss that nor could we consider a preference for a different national retailer.

At present Northumberland County Council are the planning authority but, in the future, the present government intends to hand over more power to local people to make decisions in their own area.

If at any time you feel any Council has not followed the correct procedure then please complain in writing to them first and if you are unhappy with the reply, follow up with a letter to your M.P. or the Local Government Officer.

Meetings held THURSDAYS at 6.30p.m.        Public welcome
Town Council meetings: 14 April, 12 May, 9 June
Cemeteries Committee meetings: 21 April, 19 May, 16 June
Finance Committee meetings: 28 April, 26 May, 23 June
Planning Committee meetings: Tuesdays – as per plans received
Allotments and Playgrounds Committee meeting: Sat 9 April 10am (site visit – starts 9am West Site)

The Town Mayor, Cllr. Leslie Bilboe, presented a cheque to Amble Beaver Scouts to assist the youngsters on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo for their Animal Friend Badge.  Members were delighted to encourage this newly reformed group.

Did you know Amble Parish boundary at the North end of the town is an ancient one which follows the original line of the Gut? This means that Riverside Park is in Amble, but Rivergreen and all the properties along and off the road up Gloster Hill are in Warkworth parish! Members feel it is time to consider changing this to reflect what most people consider as Amble housing today.

We are consulting with the residents involved to see whether they consider they are part of Amble and would support a request for a change.  We feel they are part of our town and are able to enjoy all the facilities that Amble provides.  More properties in Amble parish means a larger base to share the tax out amongst and more money to do things in Amble.

After the February Council report in the Gazette, I feel I must add my opening statement; I began with ‘When it comes to litter, I am the first to say – we do not have a litter problem, we have a people problem – but whilst that exists NCC… etc.’. I strongly feel that  we need everyone to be more responsible: so please don’t drop litter especially cigarette ends which look so untidy en masse outside pubs and restaurants. Children learn by example – let’s show them that litter goes in the bin or in our bag or pocket to dispose of later when we see a bin. Some of us do this but if we all did it then I am sure over time about 95% of the problem would disappear. Have you noticed how very few litter bins there are in large towns and cities in Europe? They believe it encourages people to be responsible citizens and take litter home. Maybe we should copy them!
Cllr Helen Lewis

Rev. Velda Nicholson,       24 Glendale,  Amble 
NE65 0RG
Tel 01665 713796
Ray Saunders, Manderville, Links Road, Amble.
NE65 0SB      
Tel 01665 714094

Robert Arckless,       
37 Anne Crescent, Amble  NE65 0QZ     
Tel: 01665 711938
Helen Lewis,            
11 Kennedy Road, Amble. NE65 0QH           
Tel: 01665 710429
Craig Weir                     
76  Priory Park, Amble. NE65 0HY           
Tel: 01665 712342


Leslie Bilboe, (CHAIR)   
10 The Close, Amble.
NE65 0HZ         
Tel: 01665 713364
John Geggie,       
38 Morwick Road, Warkworth. NE65 0TA           
Tel: 07964 461911
Ian Hinson, (Vice-Chair)
11 Eastgarth Avenue, Amble. NE65 0LW 
Tel: 01665 710583

Elaine Brown (Town Clerk)  Angela Burn (Clerical Assistant)  9:30-12 & 1-3pm Monday to Friday  
Minutes available to view  in Office or at Amble Library

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