New skatepark nearly ready!

Posted on 08th June 2011 | in Community , News

The new skatepark at the Welfare will soon be finished, with an estimated finish date of 21st June.

Eighteen year-old skater Patrick Arnopp described the new facility.

“It is the best skatepark we could have hoped for. The concrete is so smooth,  there is no real friction with the wheels, the barings are silent as you skate and mobility around the skatepark is so simple that kids will be able to enjoy it as well as the veteran skaters of Amble.

“It’s really something else. I’d say it’s set out much better than Redcar. I’d rather skate here than Exhibition Park at Newcastle. I’m  really looking forward to the official opening!”

Money for this £180,000 facility came from the Big Lottery Community Spaces fund and the former Alnwick District Council.

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