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Posted on 09th June 2011 | in Community

Local lad Johnathon Wintrip of Charles Road Amble is following his grandparents into the world of motorcycle racing.
Jonnie is in his first year and at only 14 has recently attended the Ron Haslam race academy in Silverstone and impressed Ron Haslam himself.  His family have a history of being bike mad. His dad and older brother both own motorcycles but his granddad and grandma were successful motorcycle and sidecar racers in the olden days, even competing at Druridge Bay sand races.

Jonnie’s team has been set up by his dad Colin and a family friend who has managed to acquire two of Daniel Mackey’s Aprilias 125s.

The team would like at this time to say thank you to a handful of people who have given advice and other things to get us started, Pete Banks (of Banks racing) P C Performance Bikes Ashington, Stu Mackay (for the bikes) Mr. Absalom (Eshott go kart track) Hugh Ward (SACU) Donna and Matty (NEMCRC) Diana (Melville) family and friends (you know who you are) and Fred Conning for the training advice and the lovely paint work of the bikes.

Anyone who wants to follow us on our first year or even like to help with running cost please feel free to contact us.

Karne Conning   karneconning@yahoo.co.uk

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