Lights Chairman says ‘Thank you’

Posted on 09th June 2011 | in Community

We started 2010-11 doubting our continued existence because our workshop premises at Hauxley, provided by Louvain Wraith and family, was no longer available. On behalf of the team, I would like to say how much we appreciated their help over the years.

We were allowed to use the workshop until we found new premises, enabling us to complete the repairs and bring the displays to working order.

I want to thank all members of our hands-on workshop team, for putting in so many hours to achieve such good results; not only in the relative comfort of the workshop, but also out in all weathers on the street. Without them, there would be no displays.

Their help is invaluable, and greatly appreciated, so too is their co-operation and sense of humour.  Thank you. Thanks also to the rest of the committee for all their hard work during the past 12 months.

 Thanks to the many other people and organisations who help, the extra men, who help with putting up and taking down the displays, in particular Geoff Singer and Peter Stewart, who have given of their time and made a significant contribution with transport.

Thanks for all the financial help given by the commitee and the local businesses, too many to name individually.
Finally, thanks to Amble Development Trust who offered a large room in the old Fourways building for our workshop, an opportunity too good to miss so we have moved in, but have yet to complete the transfer of all equipment.
The workshop renewal may not be matched with the necessary funding, so there will inevitably be compromise, but hopefully there will be sufficient funding for another worthwhile display.

We begin the next year with new premises and cautious optimism, an acceptable level of funding, a very competent  team and hard working committee, good support from local business and above all the goodwill of the local townsfolk. 

Trevor Colbourne  Chairman,
Amble Christmas Lights

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