Reports from our County Councillors: June/July

Posted on 09th June 2011 | in Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland County Council

I am sure residents will be aware of the work that Amble Development Trust have carried out at the welfare park and will have seen how well used it is by our young people. The Trust is now trying to raise funds to carry out work on the changing rooms and I am pleased to say that I have been able to offer financial assistance to the trust from grant funding within my control and that this money will enable the urgent repair and refurbishment of the changing rooms in the park to be done.

The decision has been taken to close the school at Hadston and transfer the children to Amble. I have always been concerned about the effect that this will have on Acklington Road traffic and the safety of local children going to and from the schools in the area. At a presentation made to the Northern Area Committee meeting of Northumberland County Council I was satisfied that the arrangements made to debus the Hadston children in the grounds of the James Calvert Spence College and have staff accompany them to the school was the best and safest plan available. It is always sad to see a school close but in this instance as it was at the request of the school Governors and as it was extensively consulted upon  it is hard to disagree with the decision.

At a recent  meeting of the Town Council it was decided to discontinue with the proposal to change the boundaries of the town as the vast majority of those residents affected who expressed a view wished to remain as they are.
It is sad to see that Amble Town Council has lost another three Councillors. I hope and trust that public spirited residents will take on these vacancies and bring fresh ideas  to the Council for the benefit of everyone. If you would like to help improve the Town contact the Town Clerk (tel;714695) and find out how you can contribute I am available on 077554114933 and by email at Please contact me if I can be of help.
Jeff Watson

The campaign by Town Councillor Craig Weir, which he has called “Pride in Amble” is gathering support and deserves success.  It has also set me thinking just how different this town could be if the selfish and thoughtless behaviour of a small minority were to stop.  It is sad that so much energy has to be directed at dealing with bad behaviour and its consequences.

 A case in point is the situation at the Paddlers; there has been a big investment in new play equipment in recent years.  Safety surfaces are damaged, and all too often the area is littered with glass.  The future of the site will form part of important discussions to take place between the County Council and Amble Town Council.  Previous joint working led to the installation of better lighting and CCTV cameras.  I have been promised that the camera will soon be back in operation.  It would be so much better if it weren’t needed!  I hope that some good ideas to involve local schools in a simple scheme to brighten up the old paddling pools can be carried forward.

One of the best things about our area is a strong sense of community.  We do care about where we live.  We are lucky to have effective and committed Police and Community Support Officers.  There is excellent work going on in our schools.  Let us all work together to make pride in Amble a reality; where things are wrong, then let us say so, but don’t just stop there – we need every one who cares to get involved and make a difference.

Our library – a community hub
In these days when local services are under huge financial pressure doing things differently can help to sustain and improve what Councils do at a local level.  Such a project is being worked on for our library, a much-loved service.  I am supporting efforts by County Council officers and other local Councillors to make our present library even more of a community hub.  I hope we can report on some progress soon.

Robert Arckless
Telephone: 01665 711938 Email:

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