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Posted on 10th June 2011 | in Blogs , Community

Just got back from being on holiday with my daughter Bonnie for the first time, what a cracking time we all had! Fearing she had skin like mine (which in the sun goes from white to violent red to white again) I smothered her in P20 for the whole week but she was absolutely fine. Going on holiday with a baby for the first time was a great experience for me. I spent most of the time at the pool edge with her (she even learned to ‘dive’ herself by the end of the week) and really enjoyed myself with Kelly, Bonnie and the boys.

On the business front, the work with the council contract is going really well, all the courses are starting to come in now, and the feedback we are getting from satisfied delegates has been superb!

We also had a recent audit where we were assessed as being in the top 1% of training companies in the UK, which, as I am sure you will agree, is a fantastic achievement for a local company.

Touch wood that it all keeps going like this as we have some big projects in the pipeline that should bear fruits in the next few months.

We are currently working with a national construction company to deliver a groundbreaking health and safety initiative to drive down accidents across the UK. This project involves working with over 6,000 employees so it’s testament to our reputation to be asked to be involved in it.

Circuit Training Classes
This will be starting on the 21st June and will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights and cost £2 (please bring £2 as we won’t have change!). Each session will run from 5.45-6.45 and is open to EVERYONE!

Actual exercise will last for around 35 minutes per session and I am sure you can all push yourself twice a week for half an hour! Loads of people, of all ages, have asked me about it so it looks like being a good class.

The beauty with circuit training is no one is looking at you as they are too busy trying to concentrate on their own exercises, and you only go as hard as you want to. It’s not designed as a ‘boot camp’ where we try and break you(that will come when it has been going for a couple of months when you are ready for it!)

We will be taking it ‘easy’ for the first few weeks just so people can get used to the exercises so come along and try it to see that it really is for anyone of any fitness level.

Back to fun stuff, here’s a question for you……by adding one single line, how can you make this equation correct? I0 I0 II=1050? Don’t stay awake too long thinking about this one Amigos, Santa only comes when you are sleeping……!!!!

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