Helping out in Bosnia

Posted on 10th June 2011 | in Community

Hazel Small of Red Row is planning a trip to Bosnia in July. She will be based in Sarajevo for two weeks, while working there and paying for the privilege. Even though the war ended 15 years ago, many of those who were injured are still suffering physically and emotionally and still needing treatment, which Hazel intends to provide. 

Hazel is an alternative therapist, with her own clinic at Ashington treating injuries, but she also works at the Granary. Here, at home, it is mainly sports injuries that she deals with, but when she heard about the charity, Human Hands Network, which organises volunteers to work with the injured in places like Bosnia she contacted them. Human Hands Network accepted her. Volunteers work for two weeks each, providing an ongoing service to the injured.

Fund raising is now her task. She is aiming for £1,000. This covers her travel, accommodation, interpreters, and a taxi driver (one driver allocated to her for the duration of her stay). Friends and family, and businesses have promised to help out, but for anyone else who wants to support Hazel, the website is below.

“Many of the injured still need continued therapy and care. What I can provide is hands-on massage”, said Hazel. “I’ve wanted to give this sort of help for years, but couldn’t leave when I had children. However, I am almost a grandmother now, so can afford the time and energy to do it.”

The website is and put in Hazel’s name.

Norma Hinson

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