Artograffi Early Summer Edition

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 Welcome to the summer edition of Artograffi. Have a good summer while it lasts. Look out for the new comic strips of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 that will be continuing every issue. This issue is brought to you by: Will H-D, Alysha Wilson, Alicia Battley, Emily Runciman, Alex Henderson and Andrew Mounsey.


Drop in, drop out
The youth club (Drop in centre) in Amble has now celebrated their 15th anniversary with a beautiful mosaic. The mosaic took 2 weeks to make and was put up on the 19th of March 2011. It took around 10 people (5 juniors (10-13) and 5 seniors (13-20)) to make it.

This mosaic was made out of tiles, smashed up plates and beads mostly given by Edwina Stewart, one of the youth workers.

The youth club is for young people around 10-20. It is helping to stop teenagers to not make a nuisance of themselves and getting into trouble. By Will H-D


Voyages of the Voyagers

Artwork by Will H-D

On April 20 1977 NASA’s space probe
VOYAGER2 blasts off from Earth
Five months later, on Sept 5th 1977,  
it’s the turn of VOYAGER1
Their mission is to gather data about
our solar system and send it back
to Earth through radio signals.
VOYAGER1 travels faster than VOYAGER2
The space probes gather info on Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. They
each carry a golden disc with info
about Earth, should any aliens find it!
After nearly 34 years in space  
VOYAGER1 is now at the very
edge of our solar system!
What adventures will it encounter?

The end of the world
Harold Camping, an evangelical broadcaster predicted a ‘rapture’ on Saturday 21st May.
According to Mr Camping, Jesus Christ would return to earth and true believers would be swept up (or ‘raptured’) to heaven.
He also said “Biblical texts indicate a giant earthquake on Saturday 21st May which will mark the start of the world’s destruction and by 21st October, all non-believers will be dead”.
Mr Camping has predicted an apocalypse once before in 1994.
His prediction sparked a lot of people to be rather frightened and it was a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook (although the superinjunction soon was the hot topic again).
Many people were braced for 12pm on Saturday but nothing happened, this apparently then changed to 6pm, again nothing happened and for a final third time (thankfully not third time lucky) it changed to 11pm, this also failed.


Debating about food

 Everybody likes different food. Not everyone likes the same, here at Artograffi 7 people were asked if they liked these foods.

Kebabs: 3/7
Ice cream: 7/7
Cheese: 4/7
Chocolate: 7/7
Pizza: 7/7
Chicken: 6/7
Fish: 4/7
So you see. Not everyone likes what everyone else likes. The most popular were the fatty ones (the chocolate and the ice cream) and the most hated was kebabs.

By Alysha Wilson. 

Hot Spot: Spurreli’s Grot Spot: wall behind George St

Hot Spots and Grot Spots
Amble is a beautiful seaside, coastal Northumbrian town, however, there are some spots around Amble where it is not so attractive. On the walls in the parks there is graffiti.
However, there are places where there is no graffiti, like a few walls, Spurreli’s and in all the time the Granary has been up I have never seen it pulled apart or anything.
That shows that some places mean a lot to people and other places don’t.
Like the park in Priory Park or the paddlers. They get torn apart all the time. I know people will think it’s teenagers but sometimes it’s not. I mean of course it’s the kids most of the time but sometimes it’s drunken adults who think they’re clever or funny.
So we’re asking anyone who knows somewhere nice in Amble or somewhere that needs cleaning up to take a photo (or even tell us where it is so we can) and upload it to our Facebook page
This issue we have chosen Spurreli as our chosen hot spot. We have chosen this because it is clean and serves delicious ice-cream. Yum yum!!!!
By Alysha Wilson



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