Amble in bloom

Posted on 21st June 2011 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Heritage & Tourism , News

Amble in Bloom. What is it?

I have noticed Amble people take great pride in their gardens and allotments, but the Town floral displays have started to decline over the past few years due to a general reduction in finance.

I would like to try and make Amble a candidate for Northumbria Coastal Bloom Awards. What to do? Thanks to the generosity of certain businesses plus a donation from Amble Town Council, sufficient funds have been raised to make a start; already a few dedicated volunteers have placed roses in the Memorial Square, flowers around the ‘fish’- south entrance of town and are in the process of putting hanging baskets along Queen Street.

The Future. Where next?  Starting small gives time to identify areas that give an instant visual impact to the Town, such as the approaches, and perhaps areas used by both townspeople and tourists.

Volunteers are still required, the process will be quite long before we can achieve recognition, please offer your support in any way you can. 

 Cllr Craig Weir 

Volunteers needed for Town Square tidy -up on Saturday 25th June starting at 10.30am. Please bring equipment (spades, forks, etc). Refreshments will be provided.

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