Visit to the Garden Party

Posted on 22nd June 2011 | in Community , News

I have just come back from the Volunteers garden party in Alnwick, the atmosphere was fantastic, there was a wide range of people  there. Everyone was talking with one another and there was a general buzz in the air.

Being in Sector 1 in the front of the castle, we were one of the first to see the Queen. She was  flanked by Alan Shearer and the Duchess of Northumberland. Seeing her was quite surreal as she is such a huge international icon. Before her visit we had been drenched by rain, but it was all worth it to be standing only a metre away from the royal party.

Later,  it was great fun being able to walk through the gardens to interact with others attending the party. There were some crazy hats and some interesting outfits. We were even given some Greggs sausage rolls by a random woman! Then we spent our time watching groups of people being soaked by the enormous fountain and continuing a previous hunt to find the elusive Alan Shearer for a photograph. (We never did find him).

The whole day ran very smoothly which made it enjoyable for everyone and, thankfully the sun finally came out too.

Laura Park

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