Police incidents in Amble: June

Posted on 28th June 2011 | in Community , News

Continuing our new section on incidents of law and order in the Amble area.

Inspector Sue Peart says “I want the public to know that they can talk to us about issues such as drugs in their community and we will do something about the problem  – if we get specific information we will make arrests.”

220611at 02.30hrs – Criminal damage  to a house at  Charles Road caused by an unknown person throwing small stone at front window causing small hole. Value damaged £150   – police appeal for any information or witnesses.

240611 between 10.00hrs and 10.30hrs Theft from motor vehicle Links Road  – by smashing  front/nearside window of Vauxhall Corsa and stealing two table lamps. Value £15, plus £75 damage –  police appeal for any information or witnesses.

270611between 22.00hrs and 09.30hrs 250611- Burglary to shed   Kirkwell Cottages  – by unknown person entering the rear garden and forcing off padlock of shed and stealing a red Medusa generator value £350, a red/silver Mantis rotavator value £150 and damaging padlock value £5  police appeal for any information or witnesses.

240611 between 23.00hrs and 23.59hrs- Criminal damage to Motor Vehicle in  Ivy Street – by  using an implement to scratch 4 lines on f/n/s wing of Silver Corsa. Value damage £200    police appeal for any information or witnesses.

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One thought on "Police incidents in Amble: June"

  1. Carly says:

    Speeding motorists (of all ages) in Amble!! Especially on the A1068 as you enter Amble and also all the way along Percy Drive. School children walk along the footpaths of these roads…

    Even though many people exceed the speed limit I have never seen the police stop anyone. This is an absolute mystery to me??

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