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Posted on 10th August 2011 | in Community

That Newcastle United owes its black and white strip to St. Dominic – not the magpies nesting in the roof of St.James Park?!

United was formed from a merger between Newcastle West End and Newcastle East End in 1892 and wore the red strip of the east end. However so did a number of other teams so kit clashes were frequent. One of the local teams represented St. Dominic’s Priory, and wore the black and white colours of the Dominican order of Friars. The team had been founded by a Dutch friar – Dalmatius Houtman –  who was frequently seen at the matches, in full habit,cheering on his team. He became something of a ‘lucky charm’ and so United adopted his black and white colours in 1894.

Until the 1950’s a Dominican Friar was always present at St. James Park – a stone’s throw from Blackfriars Priory – as a member of the Board.  The current Superior of the local Dominican House is a lifelong member of the Toon Army.
So now, all you Magpie supporters, a quick prayer to St. Dominic could be worth any number of goals!

Lou Pickering

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