Reports from our County Councillors: August/September

Posted on 10th August 2011 | in Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland County Council

By the time you read this the school summer break will be almost over.  There is no doubt that these are challenging times for all of them.  Budget pressures, falling school rolls, and massive changes in national education policy each have an impact.  As County Councillor I have always taken a very active interest in our schools; Children’s Services continues to be my main area of responsibility within the County Council.
The best chance in education is so important for all our young people. I have particularly enjoyed visits to Amble First and Amble Links First.  It is a joy to see the energy and enthusiasm of our youngest children and the dedication of the staff teams supporting them.
Coquet High has become James Calvert Spence College during the last school year and work is now well in hand to take forward the merger of Druridge and Amble Middle Schools.  I met the Executive Head of the College, Christine Graham to discuss the situation as the merger moves forward.  She has always impressed me with her determination and clear focus.  She is very ambitious to create a learning environment which will deliver for the students in her care.  She stressed that September will bring a new start for everyone involved in the College.
Rightly, there has been careful planning, appropriate support for the children most immediately affected, and remodelling of the Amble Middle School site.
I will do whatever I can to offer support to the College and to all of our local schools.
I hope we can all enjoy the summer break – whatever the weather!

Robert Arckless    Telephone: 01665 711938

The Summer nights bring our children out to play and it is obvious that great use has been made of the Welfare ground and its new facilities. I hope that children understand  and realise that the considerable amount of money that has been allocated for this project has now all been used and that they must take care of it and treat it with respect so that they can continue to enjoy the wonderful facilities.
I have been able to arrange for some more dropped kerbs to be put in place to assist the disabled people in my ward and you should see these being put in place over the next few months.
I am delighted that Amble Youth Project has recently been successful in obtaining grant funding which will enable it to carry on with the excellent work it has been doing for over fifteen years. The programme of events for the Summer for our young people is varied and interesting and I am pleased to be involved with this project, for example, as I write this report I am looking forward to driving the mini bus and taking a party of the young people to the Whitley Bay Ice Rink. I feel it is important in the present climate of cut backs that all the youth agencies work together to improve the opportunities of young people to enjoy the world outside of Amble and help them mature into responsible and good citizens. To this end the Youth project cooperated with the High School by allowing the use of its mini bus for end of term outings.
It is good that we now have a town councillor for West Ward and I wish Sam Palin well for the future and hope he can help to keep Amble a good place to live in.

I am available on 077554114933 and by email at
Jeff Watson

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