Posted on 11th August 2011 | in Community

I was born without ambition, and I’ve had a life of ease
With nobody to push me, and just myself to please
I know that some folk find that challenge is a must,
But that attitude escaped me- instead I put my trust
In my natural laziness; an inability to drive
Myself to any limit for which some others strive.
Whether in study or activity or anything you please,
I’ve never tried to push myself- instead I look for ease
In all of my activities; a true relaxed approach,
Without the need for gurus or any life style coach!
I can see why people push themselves for things they think they need
But I’ve seen that worthwhile striving can soon turn to greed.
It certainly produces tensions that make go-getters ill
When common sense would indicate an exercise of will
I never need to think about investments in the bank,
Because I haven’t got much, and for that I thank
My lucky stars, and my Mum and Dad who made me see
That the things that really matter are all out there for free !

Harry McQuillen July 2011

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