Solar’s the way to go

Posted on 12th August 2011 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism , News

A family-run company who moved to Northumberland several years ago, is offering households the chance to make money on their power usage by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

“Solar’s the way to go” says the firm’s Dave Wilson who is an Amble resident.  “I’m a firm believer in trying to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s important, but equally, the cost of electricity is ridiculous. Now the government has made it possible for people to invest in solar energy.”

“For every  kilowatt per hour of electricity your solar panels produce, the current tarrif pays you 41.3p. That goes towards paying your electricity bill. Any surplus you don’t use is diverted back to the National Grid and you get an extra 3p per kw/hr.”
“I think people have the right to make some money back from the electricity companies” he said.

“A 2.2kw installation would provide approximately half the electricity an average household would use in a year. You should make your initial investment back within nine years and then start to generate a profit after that.”

For more information on solar PV panel installations, see their website:

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