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Posted on 12th August 2011 | in Community

On 4th July, Catherine Askew was ordained priest and serves as curate in the parish of Amble. Catherine was born and raised in USA. She came to Amble in October 2010 after a delay caused by moving house.

Catherine is chaplain of the Northumbria Community, a modern order inspired by, drawing from, and living in the spiritual tradition of monasticism, with an identity rooted in the history and spiritual heritage of Celtic Northumbria.

At the time of her appointment the Mother House was being moved from Hetton Hall to Acton Home Farm and building work and bad weather delayed proceedings. In June parishioners were invited to visit the Community to find out more about their work.

Amble has had curates in the past, in 1871 a grant of £120 per annum was awarded for a curate by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, however, proof had to come from the Vicar every quarter that he had actually employed an assistant. In 1883 there were two curates; by 1906 one was responsible for Radcliffe, where there was a curate’s residence.
There is no reference to a curate from 1946, so it is a privilege to have one in these days when some priests have the responsibility of five parishes.

After ordination in the cathedral, Catherine was welcomed to a celebration lunch in the Parish Hall, where she was presented with a red stole by church warden Helen Watling.

Catherine began her journey towards ordination in 2007.

Of her work in Amble she quoted Mother Teresa’s words, ‘together we can do something beautiful for God.”

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