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Think you know Amble? Try playing AmbleGPX!

Amble GPX is a community project created by a local youth team who have created an online game based in the real world.

The game involves being given clues from the Amble GPX website and then searching around Amble for the answers, so you can advance to the next clue.

We have created the game so that people with an interest in Amble, or residents and visitors who just want an activity to do, can go out, play the game and perhaps learn something new about the town.

Prizes are available too  such as a free cup of coffee or a free bite to eat; these prizes are in partnership with local businesses.

Amble GPX is playable now, so visit, create an account and get playing!

Matthew Stanton


Voyages of the Voyagers

by Will H-D

Not long after reaching the end of the galaxy, Voyager 2 spots a weird looking planet. Planet Hoo Har.

He lands on it and looks around but what he didn’t know was that he was being watched!

Suddenly a crazy hooligan jumped out, scaring Voyager 2.

The crazy visitor revealed himself to be Voyager 1. Voyager 2 wasn’t very amused.

Just then, Planet Hoo Har was hit by a meteor shower!

Luckily Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 got away and were left to search through space once more.


Starting School

Every year lots and lots of people start school. Whether its starting high school, starting middle school or even starting first school. Those first days are always scary. Even if you want to pretend you’re not scared, it always shows somehow.


Grot Spot


Young journalists, writers, bloggers, artists and photographers.
We are looking for contributions for both The Ambler and Artograffi.
If you’ve got something to say, then email it to:
Or you can join our team! Artograffi meets every
Monday night 5.30 – 7pm @ Fourways2

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