Youth behaviour is monitored by Police

Posted on 09th September 2011 | in Community , News

PC Andy Welsh

Amble Police are continuing to focus their attention on signs of illegal or anti social activity in the town, with an underage drinker being prosecuted and behaviour at the Welfare being regularly monitored.

But some youth behaviour has been commended by the Neighbourhood Beat Team, with praise given to a group of young people for litter picking at the skatepark.

A local youth has recently been sentenced at South East Northumberland Magistrates Court  to receive a £50.00 fine and a £15.00 victim surcharge for under age drinking on the streets of Amble.  This is as a result of the Neighbourhood Policing Team catching this U18 in possession of alcohol in a public place on three or more occasions.

It is the first time this new legislation has been used in the Northumberland Area Command area to combat youth and alcohol related anti social behaviour.

Whilst the legislation is relatively new, the Neighbourhood Policing Team intends to use this effective tool where appropriate as one of many they have in their armoury to combat such behaviour.

Areas which will continue to receive frequent and regular police attention in particular are the Welfare recreation grounds and North Street and North View.

The team are pleased to see the results achieved by the positive efforts made by many local youths who regularly use the facility who have taken it upon themselves to clear up litter deposited by others at the Welfare recreation ground skateboard park and multi-use games area.

Andy Welsh
PC 758
Amble Neighbourhood Beat Manager

*update 29 Sept: The Ambler has been informed that the youth arrested for underage drinking is from Hadston, not Amble.

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