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Insp Sue Peart

There will be an online police forum at 6pm on Thursday 29th September 2011. To log on go to the Northumbria police website then to the Alnwick page and follow the links. Or click here.
Tell us about issues or problem and let us know how we are doing.
·  Recent complaints by local residents in the Queen Street / North View area have resulted in an increased police presence as part of a Neighbourhood Police Team tasking. This has greatly reduced the calls to police regarding youth disorder.
· In the early hours of Tuesday 6th September the front window of a house in Ann Crescent was damaged by a stone, enquiries are ongoing.
·  In the early hours of  Friday 9th September sheds at the West Avenue Allotments, were broken into and property stolen. Police were called and two persons were arrested near the scene. They are currently on bail pending further enquiries.
· Between Thursday 25th August and Friday 9th September a door to a boat cabin was damaged at Amble Boat Company. Enquiries are ongoing.
· As a result of a collision at the Wynd in Amble on 10th September a male driver was arrested and charged with driving with excess alcohol.
· On Sunday 11th September a traffic collision occurred where an offending Vauxhall Astra collided with a number of parked cars in Ladbroke Street. A man has been reported for taking the Astra without consent and other motoring offences.
· Between 10pm 10th and 10am 11th September a garden shed was broken into at Kirkwell Cottages , High Hauxley. Tools were stolen. Enquiries are still ongoing.
· On Monday 12th September Police were called to Church Street where a wall had partially collapsed damaging a parked vehicle and blocking the pavement. No persons were injured and local council were called to make the wall safe.
· Glendale part of a roof blew off a house, in the high winds, causing damage to parked vehicles and other properties. No persons were injured
· A car was damaged on Wellwood Street on 15th September where the front and side windows had been smashed. After extensive enquiries a man has been arrested and charged with this offence.
· On 18th September a male was arrested near Straffen Court, for being drunk and disorderly and was later issued with a fixed penalty notice.
· On 18th September a local male entered and stole a bottle of wine from the Newburgh Street Co-op. A man, who was still in possession of the bottle, was later charged with theft by shoplifting.

Update September 27th

1. Between Friday 160911 and Monday 190911 an outhouse was broken into in Marine Road,  Amble and a Burgundy Yamaha Neos moped was stolen. As yet this moped has not been recovered.

2. A man was arrested and charged on 230911 in connection with the theft from boats at Amble Boat Yard.

3. A man was arrested on 250911 for two separate offences of entering bars in Warkworth and obtaining food and alcohol by deception where two credit cards were attempted to be used as payment. This male is at present on bail pending further police enquiries.

4. A female juvenile was arrested on 230911 in Amble for the offence of Drunk and Disorderly. This female is at present on bail awaiting a police decision.

5. A quantity of alcohol was seized by police  from a group of youths in West Street , Amble and was disposed of on 230911.

6. Another juvenile female was arrested on Queen Street, Amble for the offence of being drunk and disorderly  on 230911. This female is also awaiting a police decision.

7. On 240911 alcohol was confiscated from a number of youth in the Paddlers Area of Amble . These youth were warned on this occasion and the alcohol disposed of .

* As stated in the previous report Police are increasing their presence in the Queen Street / North View area during relevant times  and will deal  positively with youth anti-social behaviour and other public nuisance offences

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