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Posted on 18th October 2011 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity

Entitlements are perks that are given in old age.
Nobody seems to question them, or even to engage
in sensible discussion throughout society
on why old folk are given so much that is free.
It isn’t hard to look and find people in real need,
to wonder if our welfare states’ largesse has led to greed.
Demands, not responsibilities, seem to rule the day.
How all this has come about it’s really hard to say.
Free prescriptions for the elderly are sensible enough,
but it’s hard to justify a lot of other stuff.
Free fuel, buses, TV licenses all cost a pretty penny,
when many baby boomers are much better off than many.
Of course there are lots of folk whose lives are so much richer
for the benefits I mentioned, despite the common picture.
That right-wing commentator’s point, of responsibility shirked
by people in society who have very rarely worked,
we should look into our consciences for what we know is fair,
that benefits should go to those whose needs are really there!
Let’s show compassion and humanity to those worse off than us,
and work for a society that’s fair and generous.
In truth, I must condemn myself for taking with both hands,
when in recession times everybody understands
that everything we take has a financial cost.
If we don’t work together, we could all end up lost!

Harry McQuillan

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