The book of the Mayor’s chain

Posted on 18th October 2011 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Heritage & Tourism

The book of the Amble Mayor’s Civic Chain is complete!

It was first suggested when the civic chain itself was handed over by the Ambler team to the Amble Town Mayor at a social evening in the top room of the Bede Street Club on 5th Nov 2001.

Each family or group that sponsored a link in the Chain was allocated a page in the book  on which they could write about anything they wanted, as long as it was not offensive or libellous. Ideally it would be hand written and so would be a small sample of  literacy in Amble in the first decade of the 21st Century.

It was handed over for the first entry  on 5th Nov 2001;  the lists recording who had the book at any time are bound into the back of the book.

The last entry was completed on 24th February 2011. The book was then sent to Artisan Bindary in Great Barrow, Chester to be bound in red Nigerian goatskin.

As far as is known the Mayor’s Chain is the only Civic Chain in the North East (if not the country) that has been paid for by public subscription. The front of each link has the name of each Mayor in chronological order and on the back of each link are the inscriptions listed below.

The Book will be on display at the Development Trust office in Dilston Terrace from Monday 24th October  to Friday 4th November, after which it will be given a permanent home in the town council offices.

Link 1 The Ambler Team
Link 2 Bill and Elsie Fenwick
Link 3 Jean Mitchell
Link 4 Thomas & Elizabeth Stewart
Link 5 Norman and Elsie Henderson
Link 6 Mat & Jean Young; Love, M,J, E
Link 7 Ernest & Doreen Gerrard
Link 8 Ben & Mabel Arckless
Link 9 Hannah & Tommy Orr
Link 10 Joe & Kate Dawson with Love
Link 11 Ann, K, K, F, Stephen, Corinne
Link 12 Brenda Rollo
Link 13 Puffin Cruises
Link 14  Dora & Archie Hinson
Link 15   Millennium Committee
Link 16 John Hedley, Amble, B.1949
Link 17 Amble Development Trust
Link 18 Amble Women’s Institute
Link 19 Amble Social History Group
Link 20 Ernie & Lilly Simonsen
Link 21 Audrey, Bob, Jacqui Jones
Link 22 John Wm. Anderson 1913 – 1990
Link 23 Lord Warkworth Lodge No. 1879
Link 24 Amble Churches Together 2001

Ian Hinson

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