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Posted on 18th October 2011 | in Community

Welcome back to life at the Trust  and just where did the summer go?  Outside the sun may be shining but its blowing a gale – I feel like donning boots and top coat!!

Well to bring you all up to-date, both the Co-Op and skateboard park are now complete (apart from some minor bits and pieces) and we have moved Fourways Foods and Pride of Northumbria in to Unit 1, to open on 7 October.
We have received many positive comments about the revamped shop front and units, which makes our work here at the Trust worthwhile. We hope this continues and you enjoy the jams and preserves we make as well. We also offer our best wishes to  KB Shoes, our new tenant in Unit 3, hoping their business prospers.

Activity at the skateboard park has drawn much attention, sadly most of it negative – which does not reflect the hard work and tenacity of those involved in bringing the project to fruition.   I have written in before about the issue of litter and the supposition by a few that someone else will always be there to clean up behind them – much the case of what is happening at the welfare.

At this point I would like to clarify that while some seem unable to see the litter bins that are positioned in the park, (more will be added soon,) in many cases it is the young people who have been involved in the project from inception that are assisting with litter picking behind the ‘inconsiderate’ few. Yes it is good that the facility is being used, but unless they are wearing blinkers, users must be able to see the mess being created and seem prepared to ‘wade’ through it rather than locate a bin!

I’m sure the perpetrators are not doing this out of maliciousness – it is pure thoughtlessness, but either way it cannot continue. They have to realise how much it impacts on others, whether they be users, local residents or dedicated litter-pickers. I really don’t want to get to one of those incredible hulk ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’ moments!
Other ‘positive’ activities by our young people include organising a music event in the town square in August. They organised everything from raising the initial funding for promotion and printing costs, choosing the charity beneficiary, contacting local bands through to working out the programme and preparing/serving food. In all they raised over £500 for cancer research – a very worthy cause. While I am aware that some of the music would not suit everyone’s taste, the majority enjoyed the event and the audience were enthusiastic with their applause.

And to carry on with this note of positivity, I would like to thank everyone who has worked with Anna to devise, develop and complete Amble GPX. The volunteers have been dedicated and passionate about the project and leave a legacy of this fantastic game which we hope will set off a ‘klondyke’ style rush from other towns who have the vision to see the tourism benefits this game has the ability to create.

We continue to hold community meetings alongside our regular meetings with Amble Town Council – members of the public are more than welcome to come along and air/share their views.

One item for discussion at our next Community Forum meeting will be events  As you are no doubt aware the Trust and Christmas Lights Committee with assistance from Sara Jenson-Boon (who has organised and secured funding for lantern workshops) have for many years organised the Torchlight procession for switching on the town lights in November – well its time to begin the process again. Anyone wishing to help or with fresh ideas. Please get in touch – always nice to inject enthusiasm and change.

There is also the opportunity to consider other events worthy of celebration, such as the Queens Diamond Jubilee next year: have you any thoughts on how the town can celebrate?

I think that’s about it for the time being, so until we speak again, lets hope the sun keeps shining through – now what are the chances!

Julia Aston
Director,  Amble Development Trust

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