Nellie celebrates 102 years

Posted on 03rd November 2011 | in Community , News

Nellie Priest celebrated her 102nd birthday in Dolphin View Care Home on Thursday 3rd November. Surrounded by family and friends she was treated to a birthday cake with candles and sparklers. Nellie still had enough puff to blow out all the candles in one go.

Nellie was born in Acklington in 1909 the daughter of a railway worker, when her father died the family moved to Amble.

Asked what was the secret for a long life she answered, “I’ve worked hard all my life.”

Daughter Audrey confirmed that Nellie lost her husband quite early in the marriage and she had to work to support all her children, Billy, Allan and Audrey.

She was at one time manageress of the Co-op cafeteria which was located above the bakery, now the site of Co-op Funeral Care. As well as her three children, she has five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, many of them still live locally.

Pictured with Nellie in Dolphin View are carers Kizzy Henderson and Jodie Taylor

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