Warning letters sent to youths

Posted on 24th November 2011 | in Community , News

Several incidents of Anti Social Behaviour have been reported to Police this week regarding youths causing a disturbance in the areas of North Street, North View and Queen Street, particularly the new Tesco Site.  The Police are aware that these incidents are causing annoyance to local residents and are giving these areas extra attention.

As a result a number of youths have had warning letters written to their parents, explaining that the young person has been involved in anti social behaviour and the consequences, such as ASBOs if they continue to come to the notice of the police.

However we ask for members of the public who witness these incidents to ring the police immediately so they can be dealt with.  Please inform us of these types of incidents so we can be aware of any patterns developing in certain areas or with the same offenders being involved.

When members of the public ring the police to report an incident it is of huge assistance if they can provide as much detail as possible, such as the name of the offender if it’s known, which direction they headed in, what they were wearing, the registration number of the vehicle they were using and any distinguishing features at all.

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