Bank Holiday Monday, Low Hauxley Fun Day

Posted on 13th December 2011 | in Community

It started out just after dawn
Using brains and lots of brawn
The men and women worked away
To raise the stands for Hauxley Day

The people came from miles around
To see what treasure could be found
In bric-a-brac, and for the young
The Bouncy Castle’s always fun

A chocolate fountain goes down well
And try your strength to ring the bell
A fortune teller reads your hand
Live music plays from a local band

There’s rescue dogs and Lifeboat stall
There’s Splat the Rat, and best of all
A cup of tea, a choice of cake
An ice cream cornet with a chocolate flake

The day went well
You’ll be glad to hear
So we say goodbye
For another year

Kathy Mapplebeck

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