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Where hills clad with heather and streams trickle down
A peace of serenity is all around.
Not a sound to be heard bar the singing of birds
And the mooing of cows as they move in their herds.

A skylark ascends into the sky, continuously singing to an amazing height
To see this performance is a wonderful sight.
Flowers pop their heads up into the sun, giving off a perfume
To make all the bees come.

Rabbits and rodents that live in their holes
Insects and earthworms hiding from moles.
Trees in the distance add to the lovely skyline
Giving off a scent like vintage wine.

Squirrels that live in this habitat
scamper up the trees as if chased by a cat.
Kestrels and buzzards fly high in the skies
Scanning the landscape with accurate eyes.

Fish and tadpoles that swim in the streams appear never to stop
Or so it seems.
Kingfishers and herons patiently wait for a meal
Watching the water and waiting to steal.

As evening comes and it starts to get dark
It brings to an end the flight of the lark.
The flowers close up to a little bud
and the cows just sit chewing their cud.

The falcons make their way to their nests
They’ve had a hard day and need to rest.
Now the day is over it’s clear to understand
Why people love this beautiful Northumberland

Mel Bisset

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One thought on "Northumberland"

  1. Michael Lowery says:

    A moving poem by a special bloke.

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