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Hi everyone and welcome to the Christmas edition of Artograffi. Remember to be good as Santa is watching you.
This is brought to you by Ben H-D, Connor Carnegie, Grace Bryant, Gracie Mathews and Will H-D.


A Christmas Tale by Will H-D

On Christmas Eve  Joe was very impatient. “I can’t wait much longer,” he whined. It was 9pm. Joe waited for 3 more hours. “Santa’s not coming,” he grumbled. WHOOSH! Suddenly the dark night glowed golden. “HO HO HO!”.

Excitement started to fill up in Joe, as Santa’s sleigh stopped outside of the window. He climbed through then said “Joe, I need help in delivering presents this year.” “Of course I’ll help,” replied Joe. For the next 4 hours, Joe flew around the world delivering presents with Santa. At half 4 in the morning they were finished. “Time to put the sleigh away,” boomed Santa. While they were putting it away, they found AN UNDELIVERED PRESENT!!! “OH NO,” cried Santa in shock. “We missed a child.!

Joe and Santa climbed back into the sleigh. “Come on my dears, we need to make a record breaker,” cried Santa to his reindeer. They flew around the world at a break neck pace. Finally they stopped in India. “Hurry Joe its 5am we must do it quickly!” “Right,” said Joe. He slipped down the chimney like a slippery snake.

Inside the bedroom were some mince pies on a table. I should bring these to Santa thought Joe. Then he saw the sleeping child. “Who’s there!?” cried the boy suddenly waking up. Joe froze. He hid behind the table with the mince pies on top. The little boy climbed out of bed  and looked around. Under the table that Joe was hiding behind he saw Joe’s boot. He went to pick it up so Joe hurriedly undid the laces. “I wonder how that got there,” said the boy picking it up. Then he went back to bed.

Phew. This gave Joe the time to put the present into the child’s stocking. He then went back to the chimney and tugged on the rope  so Santa could haul him up. When he got into the sleigh, Santa urgently cried, “It’s 5 minutes till Christmas morning. We need to make a break for it.” They got home just in time. “Bye Santa!” Shouted Joe. “Bye,” replied Santa. But instead of going in the way to the North Pole, Santa went to the front of the house before he left. “That’s weird,” thought Joe to himself.

As Joe went downstairs to have breakfast his mother came into the room. He saw a present under the tree! “I don’t remember putting that there,” said Joe.  “Santa came around the front and told me to give this to you!” said his Mum.


Q. Who gives presents and bites people?
A. Santa Jaws.


Christmas survey

The Artograffi gang have said what their favourite Christmas food is and what they think the true meaning of Christmas is.

Favourite Christmas food.
Will: Roast potato
Connor: Christmas stuffing
Grace: Ice cream
Ben: Christmas pudding
Gracie: Christmas pudding

The true meaning of Christmas.
Will:  Helping the poor and Jesus’ birthday
Connor: Presents
Grace: Giving people presents
Ben: To celebrate Jesus
Gracie: Jesus’ birthday

Games for Christmas?

I asked Artograffi what games they would choose

William: new super smash bros brawl wii
Ben: Mario 7
Gracie: cooking mama 2
Grace: Flinstones ps2
Me: fortress craft chapter 2

by Connor



Q. What goes red and white and red and white and red and white?
A. Santa rolling down a hill.

Our New Year’s Resolutions
Ben: Don’t be naughty at school, remember your homework!!!
Connor: Remember to do things on time!!!
Grace: Stop eating her hair band!!!
William: Tidy my room!!!
Gracie: To tidy my room every day!!!

by Gracie


Christmas is to celebrate when Jesus was born.
Jesus was king straight away.
Every Christmas you get a Figgie pudding. A figgie pudding is a hard fruity pudding .
On every Christmas Eve it is Jesus birthday,
Jesus is over 2000 year old
Jesus is kind of a shepherd because we are his lambs.
by Ben



Jack Draws Anything

Jack Henderson is a 6 year old who lives in Edinburgh.     He has drawn 536 pictures to help raise money for the Royal Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. He has managed to raise more than £20,000! He is doing this because his 2 year old brother Noah had to be rushed to the hospital with breathing problems. Jack would like people to donate money to the hospital that helps his brother and would like to give money to support other children with problems at the hospital as well. If you would like to visit his site or to donate some money, you can visit on the internet.

By Will H-D

Q. What is Rudolph’s favourite day of the year?
A. Red nose day.

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