Life is sweet for Susan

Posted on 31st January 2012 | in Business News , News

Running your own sweet shop is probably most young people’s dream job and for Susan Wilson, it is now a dream come true. “I’ve always wanted to open my own shop and it seemed a perfect time” she said. Susan lives in Amble and previously worked part time at Sainsbury’s in Alnwick.

The Candy Corner will sell old fashioned sweets, displayed in jars and you will be able to choose Belgian chocolates from a refrigerated display. “There’s nothing quite like this in Amble. We’ll weigh the produce out. It’s all the type of things we remember as kids” she said. The shop will also sell rock, Italian nougat and candy canes. Susan says she is also looking into getting a candy floss machine.

The Candy Corner will hopefully be opening its doors at the beginning of February, in the premises on Wellwood Street which used to be Natural Empathy, so for all of you with a sweet tooth, it’s not too far from the dentist!

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