Resolutions aren’t just a ‘should’

Posted on 03rd February 2012 | in Community

Well didn’t that New Year smash the back doors in of 2011! What a Xmas for us. Had about 15 people around for dinner on Xmas day, and then had the pleasure of going out in Amble for a few drinks with the wrecking crew on new years day. Interesting. Xmas time can be a very happy time or it can be an extremely sad time depending on what you are thinking at that moment.

I love this idea I heard about where you can go around to elderly people who have little or no family just to give them a bit of company, if we all spared an hour over the Xmas period to visit someone who hasn’t got that many people to talk to, what a difference that would make.

About two months ago a young lass came knocking at my door. Not for an autograph (I know, me being a failure on Dragons Den and all that) but she was trying to sell cookies and flapjacks as she wanted to put herself through performing arts school (I think). So, unlike other kids her age who would just expect mum and dad to pay for it, she actually got off her bum, made the cookies, and was trying to flog them in 100mph winds. I think I bought 6 from her just because the effort she went to! Now, this lass is a ‘doer’ not a ‘I have a great idea but can’t actually be bothered to put in the hard work to get it-er’ which is what makes the difference between the go getters and the sit and thinkers.

Which brings me on to resolutions again! 15th Jan is when the majority of ideas have already bit the dust to be put back till ’I will do it next year….’ Resolutions aren’t just a ‘should’ they must be ‘will’. Think about why you want to achieve something. ‘I will not eat’ is a kinda cack resolution, and you are denying your self something. Turn that denial into ‘I want to be proper bang tidy fit so I can climb the stairs without being out of breath, fit into these jeans, break the sleeves off this t-shirt with these guns and that I can play with the kids etc’.

Now, both of these are actually doing the same thing, but with the latter, you are looking at the vision of WHY you are doing it. If you can see WHY then you are more likely to stick to it.  Figure out what you want and WHY you want it, and go for it!

And as for getting fit, the boys club membership (with all the new kit from the prison) is now full! Places are available on the waiting list so contact Peter Withey if you would like to get a membership at the next opportunity. KEEP SMILING!

Bruce Durham

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