Disabled Golf Society

Posted on 07th February 2012 | in Community

The Disabled Golf Society is a not-for-profit organization for members with various disabilities and membership is free. It was founded in 2010, in Gloucestershire. In the first year DGS gained over 200 members with associates throughout Europe and has links with other disabled golfing organizations throughout the world.

The Northern coordinator of the D.G.S., Kevin Booth, is looking for sponsorship and new members for events.  Two events planned in this area are at Longhirst Hall on Monday, 21st May and at Alnmouth on Tuesday, 12th June.

They will hold events anywhere where there is interest and they have been contacted by councils in Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.

Their aims are… “to promote the game of golf as a pathway to a healthier lifestyle and greater social inclusion for those who are disabled, irrespective of age, gender or disability. This includes providing the means to make it easier for the disabled player to access the facilities both on and off the course.

They aim to provide the equipment to permit that increased accessibility, this can be done by means of single-seater buggies specifically designed for the disabled player, bespoke club and prosthetic adaptation as well as supplying professional coaching at events by those who have been trained to teach the sport.

They  aim to attract not only those who have played in the past prior to illness or injury, but also those who have never played the sport but are seeking the unique benefits of a sport which can be played by anyone either alone against the course, or in teams against each other.”

For more information contact Kevin Booth (Northern coordinator & Handicap Secretary)
Join Free by enrolling on www.disabledgolfsociety.com

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