Amble Lifeboats scrambled twice

Posted on 02nd April 2012 | in Community

Amble RNLI Lifeboats tow in Never Satisfied V

Two calls from the same cabin motor cruiser to the Humber Coast Guards resulted in the launch of the Amble Lifeboats on two separate occasions.

The Never-Satisfied V was 4.5 miles south east of Coquet Island. They had lost power and were taking in water. Both Amble Lifeboats were launched and reached the vessel within 20 minutes of the shout.

Two Lifeboat crew were placed on board the cabin cruiser, the water ingress was stopped but being unable to restart the engine, they towed it into the harbour.

After repairs, the Never Satisfied V was on its way to Newcastle. It got no further than Coquet Island, where it ran onto rocks. This time the two lifeboats and the RAF helicopter turned out.

The propellor and hull were damaged, causing the engine to fail. It was towed back to harbour and left again later that day.

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