Aln Valley Railway milestone

Posted on 03rd April 2012 | in Community , News

A major milestone in the revitalisation of the Aln Valley Railway between Alnmouth and Alnwick took place at Alnwick Castle, with the signing of the Lease between the Aln Valley Railway Trust and the Duke of Northumberland.

The lease will allow the first construction elements of the railway to begin almost immediately, with a view to having some limited running of short trains by the end of summer this year. Hopefully, visitors will be able to visit the site to see the construction progress.

Access to the original Alnwick station is no longer possible, as part of the trackbed was breached for the construction of the A1 Alnwick bypass. In the future a new station will be built at a site known as “Lloyd’s Field’ close to the A1. Initial works will concentrate on the new operating base and station site, which will be called Alnwick (Lionheart).

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