Amble Town Council: April – March 2012

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Meeting Dates

Town: 12th April; 10th May
Cemeteries: 19th April; 17th May
Finance:  26th April; 24th May          
Annual Meeting: 10th  May

Floral planting

We are currently talking to Northumberland County Council regarding planting in the town. We understand there will be no annual bedding but perennial shrubs and herbaceous plants in the large planters – however it is still unclear what these will be or who will pay for and maintain them.

With current financial restraints, the cost of planting and ongoing upkeep are vital considerations. We may be asked to contribute this year and then become totally responsible next year; if this is the case, then we will need to prioritise those we feel will benefit the most people and have the greatest impact as there are about 30 areas to consider.
It is hoped that the planter at the bottom of the Wynd, which welcomes everyone into the town, will be designed as a tribute to either the Queen’s Jubilee or the Olympics.

Early this month, in West Avenue, NCC planted 4 broad leaf Lime trees purchased by Amble Town Council to replace some of those which had to be removed due to disease. NCC have agreed to maintain them in the future under their tree policy.

Amble in Bloom are soon to place a floral feature incorporating a boat in front of the Harbour Offices; they hope to have future themed displays in the town which reflect the town’s history and heritage. Look out for the daffodils planted in the grass along Harbour Road too.

Parish meeting

This is an important meeting for everyone who is concerned about what happens to their town. In the past, Amble Town Council had held it but now that the town has its own Community Forum, it was felt this group should host the meeting.
This is where the past year in the town is reviewed, the future year ahead is discussed but more importantly, it is your opportunity to say what you want for the town’s future.

We all know times are hard and money is in very short supply, but we still need to see what we can all work together to achieve for little cost and also to be ready with plans when more grants are available. Please look out for the details and mark it in bold on your calendar. Provisional date is 23rd April.

Natural burials

For some time now the choice of natural or woodland burials has been offered and many people have chosen this type of interment. Some, who would have preferred this, have been deterred as it would mean being far away from the area in which they lived as Felton, Morpeth or Hexham have been the only places to offer this; however from April 2012, we will be offering Natural Burials at Amble West Cemetery.

The area chosen for these is at the top of the Cemetery in the new extension area looking over to Warkworth Castle and the countryside. Floral tributes will only be allowed at the time of interment; thereafter, whilst no headstones are allowed in this type of area, each burial will include the planting of a shrub so that in time a copse will develop. In this way a natural surrounding for wildlife will be created as the shrubs will attract birds, butterflies, insects etc.
Those wishing to commemorate their loved one can purchase a plaque to be placed on the newly installed memorial wall, unveiled earlier this month, which was made possible by a bequest from the late Councillor John M. Hedley.

Jubilee event

‘Amble in Action’ has now been officially formed as a separate entity from the Town Council so that it can administer its own funds and apply for grants in its own right.

Plans for its first event to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee are well underway. This is set for Monday 4th June and there will be lots going on from mid morning until late at night- look out for posters giving the details.

There will a few fundraising events organised over the next two months to help pay for entertainment etc. and also raise money for future events so there are things on Amble’s calendar throughout the year – maybe a Community Bonfire Night.

Please generously support these but also come forward with ideas for events/fundraising and if you can, offer to be part of the group or to help at an event, as it is only with community support that this venture can succeed.

Grants and donations

In this financial year we have supported the following groups within the town, and those who help our residents, with grants and donations ranging from £20 to £1000:

Alnwick Playhouse; Amble Development Trust; Amble Netball Club; Amble Pier 81 F C; Amble Sea Angling Club; Children and Families First; Community Action Northumberland; F C Amble Juniors; Great North Air Ambulance; Hospice Care North Northumberland; Northumberland Theatre Company; Royal British Legion; Royal National Lifeboat Institution;  St. Cuthbert’s School P.T.A.; Vitalise- Disabled and Carers Breaks; Warkworth Cricket Club.

Councillor’s corner

Since my election last June I have settled into my role as a councillor making, I think, some useful legal observations in discussions on various subjects. I may be a busy man, but if I am one of your local Councillors please bring your concerns/suggestions to me.

One issue highlighted during the election was the problem on some routes to the town centre of a lack of dropped-curbs for wheelchair, mobility scooter, and pram passengers/drivers. I surveyed the routes and identified about twenty-five curbs which needed attention from the West end of town alone, most particularly on Albert Street and High Street. However, thankfully, the County Council were already onto the job to some extent and the curbs down the Wellwood side of High Street are now vastly improved. They have been made aware of other areas needing attention, and all Town Councillors have agreed to look at their parts of town and seek residents’ feedback on other places where dropped-curbs will be beneficial.

Cllr Palin

Your councillors

Robert Arckless – 37 Anne Crescent, Amble, NE65 0QZ – Tel: 01665 711938
Helen Lewis – 11 Kennedy Road, Amble, NE65 0QH – Tel: 07762069026
Craig Weir – 76  Priory Park, Amble, NE65 0HY – Tel: 01665 712342

Leslie Bilboe (Chair) – 10 The Close, Amble, NE65 0HZ – Tel: 01665 713364
Ian Hinson (Vice-Chair) – 11 Eastgarth Avenue, Amble, NE65 0LW  – Tel: 01665 710583
Sam Palin – 40 Bisley Road, Amble, NE65 0NP – Tel: 01665 714115

Rev. Velda Nicholson – 24 Glendale, Amble, NE65 0RG – Tel: 01665 713796
Kate Morrison – 3 Island View, Amble, NE65 0SE – Tel: 01665 711191
Jane Dargue – 10 Sylvia’s Close, Amble, NE65 0GB – Tel: 07795360513

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