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Posted on 03rd April 2012 | in Community

Every year many of us make New Year’s resolutions to do a little voluntary work. Why not make 2012 the year you achieve yours?

Operation Shoebox is a Voluntary Organisation which co-ordinates the sending of care parcels to our troops serving abroad, especially in Afghanistan. They are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers in the Amble area.

Volunteering as a Regional Coordinator for Operation Shoebox is a very worthy vocation. A parcel from back home is a huge moral boost to someone serving their Queen and Country. When they get deployed overseas, Military personnel often rely on post from family and friends. Members of the public will ometimes send post simply to ‘ A Soldier in Afghanistan’. Sadly these parcels never arrive, as strict MOD guidelines prevent this type of unsolicited mail being forwarded. All letters and packets must have a full British Forces Post Office (BFPO) address on them.

Operation Shoebox runs a website where military personnel can register their request to receive parcels if they are being deployed overseas. Some of the parcels get forwarded  to remote patrol bases, and it is here that the peace-keeping forces are the most grateful for of luxuries.

Regional coordinators from Operation Shoebox appeal to their local communities to send  parcels for our troops. The parcels are either dropped off or collected by the local team, who are  responsible for checkingand sending parcels via the Post Office to BFPO. They also get involved in fund raising and raising the profile of Operation Shoebox in their area.
It can be time consuming, but if you would like more information on becoming a Regional Coordinator with Operation Shoebox, please visit their website: or email:

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