How to Win Friends 4: Prospects

Posted on 04th April 2012 | in Community

Many folks are caught up in an atmosphere of gloom.
Beset by thoughts of poverty and prophecies of doom.
In fact, most of us are better off than we have ever been.
Especially the elderly. When we think of what we’ve seen
In terms of living standards that we’d never thought we’d see.
We thank our lucky stars for services that are free.
Of course, the major problems aren’t mainly with the old.
Many young folk struggle and feel left out in the cold.
An often fruitless job search must make them question why
The unemployment numbers rise, no matter how they try
To find some work of any sort, however badly paid,
Despite all the years of study, which everybody said
Would lead to a bright future and a happy life of work,
Not to be accused of indolence or tendencies to shirk.
We must look for long term answers for the predicament we’re in.
There is no easy way to solve it, so that we can win
Our way to sunlit uplands that politicians claim.
We must all work together – now that’s a Noble Aim

Harry McQuillen

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